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Aerospace & Defence

ANDANTEX UK have been supplying precision gearboxes, drives and linear systems into the Aerospace and Defence industry for many years. When it comes to all the demands and requirements needed to perform tasks in the harshest conditions with reliability and accuracy ANDANTEX have the products to suit almost every need. Our products are used throughout the […]


Tension Control Stretch packaging is the last process on the production line and is often overlooked. The safe shipment of finished products nevertheless relies a lot on the quality of the tension applied to the stretch film when wrapping the pallets. MEROBEL’s EMP Brakes are the perfect solution for stretch packaging tension control. Compact design, […]

Motors & Drives

Oemer Inverter Duty Motors  Oemer S.P.A is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency AC and DC electric motors. Highly qualified staff, advanced technology, continuous investments systems and devices, flexibility of production, these all are factors which within a short period enable manufacturing new products of high quality standard and elevated reliability. Oemer is at the cutting […]

Power Transmission

Blockbuster Drive Systems Linear and Rotary Drive DRP+ the integrated concept  overview Dedicated to racks & pinions drive applications, the DRP+ design is based on the association of two top quality planetary reducers, mounted in parallel on an extra high stiffness universal frame. When choosing the mechanical preload solution, the DRP+ become aDualDRIVE unit, which […]

Machine Tool Drives

Linear Actuators & Linear Motion

Andantex is a main supplier for the Thomson Linear motion range of products including their Linear Actuators range, Precision Ball Screws, Screw Jacks and Round Rail / Profile Rail Linear Bearing systems. Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 70 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognised as the global […]

Plastic Extrusion Drives

Zambello Plastic Extruder Gearboxes ZAMBELLO Riduttori is the worldwide leader in manufacturing extruder gearboxes. They are constantly increasing their output capacity in their factories by installing advanced CNC machine tools. Therefore, not only capacity but also the competitiveness of the products has been increasing year on year. Zambello manufacture their own gear casings using new […]

Tension Control

MEROBEL TENSION CONTROL Torque & Tension Brakes, Clutches and Controls MEROBEL tension control systems, clutches and brakes are fitted to the majority of machines used in the Converting, Printing & Packaging Industries, as well as Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs. The Merobel tension systems are manufactured to the highest quality and are the […]

Composite Material Production

Many of today’s modern composite materials require specialist manufacturing techniques. The accuracy and control required in the manipulation of materials creating final composite products is now a very important part of the finished composite product’s strength and integrity. Andantex has the quality and precision  systems that can be utilised in many areas of modern composite […]


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