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Oemer Inverter Duty Motors 

Oemer S.P.A is a leading manufacturer of high efficiency AC and DC electric motors. Highly qualified staff, advanced technology, continuous investments systems and devices, flexibility of production, these all are factors which within a short period enable manufacturing new products of high quality standard and elevated reliability.

Oemer is at the cutting edge of modern technology, developing new and innovative products to meet the needs of a continuously evolving market. The high production flexibility and the criteria adopted in the manufacture of their motors enables Oemer to obtain a product in continuous evolution so to meet the exacting requirement for motor drives.

Inverter Duty Motors & DC Motors

  • Square frame, High Power
  • Inverter duty power range: 0.12 to 315 kW
  • Inverter duty speed range: 0 to 9000 rpm
  • DC Power range: 0.15 to 373 kW
  • Fan or water cooled, encoder & tachometer options

Inverter Duty Motors