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Linear Actuators & Linear Motion

Andantex is a main supplier for the Thomson Linear motion range of products including their Linear Actuators range, Precision Ball Screws, Screw Jacks and Round Rail Profile Rail Linear Bearing systems. Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 70 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognised as the global leader in motion technology.

  • Linear Actuators

    Thomson Linear actuators are one of the broadest ranges of linear actuators on the market today and we can offer a suitable model to almost any imaginable application. Thomson are also very experienced in designing custom linear actuator solutions and build more custom linear actuators than anyone else on the market.

    Electrak Series

    • Linear Actuators built for mobile and industrial applications
    • Rugged, reliable and strong. With the highest IP ratings loading and temperature ratings available
    • Large range of models, all easy to customise

    New HD Series

    • Linear actuator with flexible on board electrical controls including CANBUS communication
    • Superior Performance in IP rating, Loading and Stroke Lengths
    • Unmatched environmental protection

    Throttle Series

    • Specially designed for throttle applications
    • Multiple control, feedback and environmental options including CANBUS communication

    Max Jac Series

    • Toughest actuator on the market
    • IP69K protection ensures operation virtually anywhere

  • Linear Motion Systems

    Thomson’s Linear Motion Units range covers the smallest and most compact linear motion systems to the biggest and most robust. Our wide range of guide and drive systems can be configured economically and can also work in harsh environments, at high speeds, and in high precision applications.

    Thomson invented the linear motion system and offers the largest range in the industry. These systems are ideal for handling, packaging and other factory automation applications that require high speed and/or long stroke capabilities.

    • Modular, self contained and self supporting
    • Can easily be assembled into X-Y and gantry configurations using multi-axis mounting accessories
    • Sizes ranging from the smallest to the biggest in the industry
    • Ball screw or belt-driven models
    • Ball, wheel or prism-guided models
    • Large range of options and accessories
    • Sealing and washdown options are available for harsh

  • Precision Ball screws and Lead screws

    Thomson Neff Ball screws are ideal for use in all technological and mechanical engineering applications such as Machine Tools, Aircraft construction, Handling equipment, Industrial Robots, Medical equipment and many many more. Our varied and extensive product range is bound to contain the right drive for almost any motion task from very small thread drives for highly sensitive medical devices right through to precision accuracy ball screws for high performance machine tools with very high demands in terms of speed and stiffness.

    Precison Ball Screws

    Thomson Neff recirculating ball screws are manufactured in rolled, ground and whirled versions and are available in tolerance classes P3, P5, T5 ,T7 and even up to P0. We can supply screws from 6mm dia up to 200mm dia with various pitch sizes to suit all application requirements.

    Our range of BSA precision lead screws are easy running, precise and cost effective which will be an outstanding and economical solution to your linear requirements. Our precision rolling process guarantees precision positioning to 0.075mm/300mm and our coating method using PTFE creates lead screw systems with lower drag torque and higher service life. Thomson has a wide range of plastic nut systems available in the form of anti-backlash or standard Supernuts®.

    Our lead screws and nuts can be supplied with high axial stiffness, zero backlash, and very low drag torques.

    Linear Ball Bushing Bearings & 60 Case  LinearRace Shafting

    Thomson invented the ball bushing bearing over 70 years ago and has since been the recognised leader in this field.Thomson Round Rail and Super Smart Bearings

    RoundRail Linear Ball Bushing Bearings

    • Most extensive range in the industry
    • Pre-assembled, ready to install providing low friction, smooth accurate linear motion
    • Cutting edge segmented technology

    Profile Rail Linear Guides

    Thomson has a complete offering of Rails and carriages in a broad range of styles and sizes and we are a “one-stop shop” for all your profile rail needs.

    Profile Rail 400 Series

    • Double faced ball track bearing for simple installation
    • Up to 30% less noise compared to standard ball cages

    Profile Rail 500 Series

    • Exceptional straightness and high rigidity
    • High Dynamic, static and moment capacities

    MicroGuide Series

    • Miniature guidance system in stainless steel
    • Industry standard drop in replacement