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Tension Control


Torque & Tension Brakes, Clutches and Controls

MEROBEL tension control systems, clutches and brakes are fitted to the majority of machines used in the Converting, Printing & Packaging Industries, as well as Automation / Material Handling, Wire and Cable, and Test rigs. The Merobel tension systems are manufactured to the highest quality and are the leading product on the market today.

MEROBEL offers a wide portfolio of dedicated products: high technology mechatronic components such as EMP Tension Brakes & Clutches (Electromagnetic Particles), Electronic Tension Controllers, various material sensors and transducers for very accurate force and tension control.

MEROBEL’s deep experience in supplying all sectors of the industry allows its product ranges to meet any customer’s particular needs and to offer optimized solutions.

Merobel Torque and Tension Control Systems